November 2020 

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Corona surge, doom scrolling and quarantine—oh, my!
How can we get thru this with some sanity left?

Whatever you are doing day-to-day as we are ending 2020 and entering a new year of who knows, here are a few quick tips from Coach Carol to help you get your Thrive on.
Practice self-care first. You can’t give anything to your clients, family or friends if your well is dry.  If meditation, exercise, being in nature, or cozying up with a cocoa and a good book nourishes your spirit, do it often.  Make your peace of mind a priority.
Set reasonable work hours and stick to them. Whatever you are considering work, being able to walk away physically, as well as mentally, creates a good foundation for self-care.

Doing this will create clear expectations for you, your family, your coworkers and clients for when you are on and off the clock. 

Set regular connection time. Family time, Play dates, Date dates and Zoom dates all count! Fostering a pet or walking a dog for a neighbor can be a great way to get some cuddles in.

We are social creatures by nature, even introverts, and there is a difference between alone time and externally imposed isolation. 

Make time for fun; Learn something new; Take advantage of all the free online offerings happening right now. Parks, gardens, zoos, classes from a library, bookclubs, new languages, virtual museum tours, virtual travel, hiking, or cooking classes. And apparently everything can be learned on YouTube! 
Know that it is okay to not be okay. You are not alone. Reach out. Phone a friend, talk to your partner, call a doctor, your coach or a helpline. 2020 has truly been much too much and it ain't over yet! 

If you want further resources, I've created a list of helpful numbers to have handy as we enter winter 2020 and beyond. Click here to download.

And when in doubt, chocolate!
Be well,

I envision brave spaces of vulnerability and courage where I can share my stories and be fully heard and seen, and where you can do the same. Then we can have the opportunity for hearts and minds to be changed.
When feelings and thoughts are shifted, then words and actions can follow.

         Carol Dacey-Charles, Founder
Common Humanity Project

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My name is Carol Dacey-Charles, glad to meet you! I have been a practicing coach for over 10 years and was certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach in 2011. My business, Why Not Thrive?, is a NYC Certified Women-owned Business Enterprise.

Compassion, accountability, humor and honesty are my strong-suits. 

Check out my website at ynotthrive.com for more details and to schedule a free sample session.


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