My name is Carol, nice to meet you.

I have been striding down the path of leadership my entire life.

With a career spanning 30-years of management, training, and human development in the arts, non-profits, retail and ministry, I have worked with leaders around the country to grow their unique passions and styles.

My current passion is partnering with leaders, visionaries, adventurers and high-achievers to make their impossible goals become realities.

I'm certified by the oldest and largest coaching school in the world, the Co-Active Training Institute, and I've been a certified coach since 2011.

I trust that you are the expert of you and your profession—I know coaching.

The Highlights—according to clients:

  • I have a quirky wit, an unconventional viewpoint and the keenest BS detector around.
  • I am direct and engaging. I take risks while being light; I care while pushing hard, all with a grace, warmth and deftness that eases the way.
  • I have a grounded presence that creates safety and trust for everyone around her.

My approach to Coaching: Big-Hearted Leader - Sees the Forest and the Trees - Eccentric

  • I believe everyone has a bigger life and the means to achieve it.
  • I believe that everyone is unique, works at their own pace and starts where they are on their path to reach their big vision.
  • I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. No pre-packaged promises to achieving your dreams in 6 or 12 months.
  • I assume that you want to achieve the goals you set out and are ready to do the work needed to get there.
  • It's my job to keep you accountable and help you over the stumbling blocks that will pop-up along the way.

But all this doesn't matter if we don't feel comfortable working together. I offer a complimentary deep coaching conversation to see if you like my coaching style and if I like working with you.