Coaching is not therapy, although it is therapeutic.  Coaching takes a hard look at what a fulfilling life looks like, and then identifies specific plans, actions steps, and ways of thinking that will move you toward achieving your desired goals.  Coaching focuses on who you want to be in life and then on taking action to become that vision. Coaching takes the stand that you are not broken, so it does not focus specifically on healing.  And yet, coaching can heal.  It looks at the future, not the past.  Why you are the way you are doesn’t matter; how you want to be does.

Coaching is not consulting, although it is consultative.  Traditional consulting offers answers and expertise.  Coaching assists you to find your own unique answers. Your coach’s primary role is to listen, question, observe, pinpoint,
re-frame, and articulate what’s going on.  The plans you make are your own. 

Coaching is not teaching, although it is educational.  While being taught is passive, coaching reinforces learned concepts and skills until they become second nature.  Your coach often provides skills training in the “need-to-know” moment that formal teaching misses.  Your coach also helps you discover how much you already know.  You learn more by discovering answers than by hearing them.

Coaching Versus Consulting

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